When we think of our daily life events, we think of all the happiness and the food that is going to be served there. And no event is complete without a cake, cakes are now seen in every event or function of our lives.

Some people believe that cakes were first introduced in Germany and even that time it was used in children’s birthdays. But that time those cakes were not so much sweet, creamy and all, they were more like plain bread with rough texture. And now if we talk about facts then we will know that only in UK nearly about £368 million are spent just on cakes per year.

Other than that people prefer opening a bakery more because a talent of baking never goes waste. But even starters can make yummy cakes because of the advancements in machines like oven and cooking range and all.


Cake can be used in different events of our lives like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, parties or get-togethers. In older times it was given to guests in weddings but now it is becoming a sort of tradition to have a beautiful and attractive cake in your wedding as a centerpiece and now it is not usually given to guests but to the couple and their close relatives.

And even it is very important to have a beautiful cake on your birthday. So you can easily find birthday cakes in Dubai or from anywhere near you.


Commonly used ingredients of cakes are eggs, sugar, flour, oil, butter and baking sodas. These ingredients are mixed as they are required to be used and then we put the cast in the oven or cooking range or however you want to make it.


Decoration is an important step and it requires our full attention. And it is actually a final and last step of making a cake, it is decorated with your favorite flavor by frosting, icing, toppings of different favorite items like dry fruits, strawberries or other food, sprinkles and all. Cakes can be of different flavors as well as different shapes like the shape of your favorite cartoon character or favorite car.

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