Which Type Of Business Is Best In Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is one of the best places for foreign investors. Government offers flexible business opportunities in Saudi Arabia that attract business owners. This country has the best economic condition and superior infrastructure supporting entrepreneurs. However, when deciding what type of business to start in Saudi Arabia, you may find it useful to consider what the Saudi economy is like and what type of business suits it best. You might consider commercial drone delivery, a petrochemical refining plant, a home maintenance company, or a restaurant depending on your goals and background.

Commercial drone delivery:

Commercial drone delivery is a great way to reduce transportation costs and time. In theory, drones can cut delivery time from a couple of days to hours. In addition, drones can reduce the risk of cargo damage. Drones can also follow a pre-programmed optimum path.

Petrochemical refining plant:

If you are looking for a good business opportunity in Saudi Arabia, consider a petrochemical refinery. These companies produce a wide range of products, from synthetic rubber to plastic. Traditionally, refineries have focused on the production of transportation fuels. Today, refineries can also create high-value chemicals directly from crude oil. By 2025, Saudi Arabia expects to convert 20 million tons of light crude into nine million tons of petrochemicals. That represents a 45% conversion of oil to chemicals.

Home maintenance:

If you’re considering a startup in the home maintenance business, Saudi Arabia might be the perfect country for you. Whether you’re looking for a low-risk start-up with huge potential or a more established company looking for an exit strategy, Saudi Arabia may be the perfect place to launch your business. You can build a home maintenance business in the Kingdom with the right resources and market.

As you might imagine, running a home maintenance business in Saudi Arabia can be quite challenging, but there are opportunities. You can use the Internet to find qualified workers and build a client base. You can even start a mobile app and connect potential clients with verified home maintenance service providers.


In Saudi Arabia, restaurant businesses are booming. The country’s population has a good disposable income and a diverse palate. New cafes and restaurants have opened all over the kingdom in the last quarter alone. In addition, there are a large number of young, educated Saudis who enjoy fine dining.