An Inclusive Commercial Cleaning Checklist

A clean and well-maintained workplace is essential for fostering a positive and productive environment. To achieve a sparkling workplace, commercial cleaning requires a systematic and thorough approach. By implementing a complete cleaning checklist, businesses can ensure that every aspect of their facility is well-maintained, contributing to a healthier and more inviting atmosphere for employees and clients. Find here the best commercial cleaning services Abu Dhabi.

Entrance and reception area:

  • Clean and tidy entrance: Ensure that the entrance area is clean and free of debris. Sweep or vacuum the floors regularly, and pay attention to the cleanliness of doormats.
  • Welcoming reception: Wipe down and disinfect reception counters, phones, and other frequently touched surfaces. Ensure that reading materials are neatly arranged.

Offices and workspaces:

  • Dusting and surface cleaning: Regularly dust all surfaces, including desks, chairs, shelves, and electronic equipment. Use appropriate cleaning solutions for different surfaces.
  • Trash removal: Empty trash bins and replaces liners daily. Ensure that recycling bins are also emptied and properly sorted.
  • Floor maintenance: Vacuum carpets regularly and clean hard floors with suitable cleaning solutions. Pay attention to corners and edges where dirt may accumulate.


  • Sanitization: Disinfect and clean all restroom surfaces, including sink, countertops, faucets, and door handles. Restock paper towels, toilet paper, and soap dispensers.
  • Floor care: Mop restroom floors regularly using disinfectant solutions. Ensure that grout lines and corners are thoroughly cleaned to prevent the buildup of mold and mildew.
  • Mirror and glass cleaning: Wipe down mirrors and glass surfaces using a streak-free cleaner for a polished finish.

Breakroom and kitchen areas:

  • Appliance cleaning: Regularly clean and sanitize kitchen appliances such as microwaves, refrigerators, and coffee makers.
  • Surface disinfection: Wipe down tables, countertops, and chairs in breakroom areas. Pay attention to high-touch surfaces like refrigerator handles and microwave buttons.
  • Trash and recycling management: Empty and clean trash and recycling bins. Ensure that waste is properly sorted.

Common areas and hallways:

  • Floor care: Vacuum and mop common areas regularly, paying attention to high-traffic zones. Address spills promptly to prevent accidents.
  • Dusting and surface cleaning: Dust and clean surfaces in common areas, including handrails, elevator buttons, and light switches.
  • Window cleaning: If applicable, clean windows and glass doors to maintain a clear and bright atmosphere.